The nuisance and damage caused by parasite infestations can cause people to want to exterminate these parasites with extreme prejudice. When faced with the choice between doing it themselves and hiring a pest control company, most initially choose to do it themselves. They hesitate at the cost of professional help, especially when they can vividly imagine what they can do with their savings. Unfortunately, with the exception of a lucky few, homeowners end up wasting money on ineffective DIY control methods and ultimately have to hire a pest control company to get rid of their problem.


A common pest extermination product is poison, which is seen as an easy way to get rid of parasites. There are several mistakes an amateur can make. The first mistake is to purchase and apply the poison without controlling the type of parasite – or parasites – that infest the home. The poison is often applied immediately with a quick glance at the instructions.

The results are unpleasant. The poison may have been chosen incorrectly, leaving the parasites unharmed. Their contact with the poisonous substance can cause it to spread to other places such as water sources, exposed food, and children’s toys. This in turn can instead poison human residents. On the other hand, if the poison is successful, the parasites can die in hard-to-reach places. Decaying meat will give off noxious odors. Air can carry bacteria and viruses from these dead animals, particularly if the parasite has died in a ventilation duct. The health of every resident will be put at considerable risk and medical care for those who fall ill will be

Decontamination and hygiene

Like any other living thing, parasites die when they have reached the end of their life. The problem is where they do this, often many rats and mice die in hidden spaces causing an unbearable stench. A homeowner’s initial reaction will normally be to look for the carcass and dispose of it as soon as possible. But this puts him at risk. Attempting can result in injury and property damage, not to mention the possibility of contracting a potentially life-threatening disease such as tularemia, a disease that causes fever, dry cough, joint pain, and progressive weakness. In the event of a rat infestation, there may also be exposed electrical wiring that can harm the unwary or cause a fire.

Ignoring the problem until too late

The last and worst mistake that could be made is to ignore the problem while it is small. Most household pests infest homes for a reason. Inside the house they find an inexhaustible source of food and shelter. From food to furniture to the walls, they settle inside, build their nests and reproduce quickly. Hence, catching an infestation in its early stages is the ideal time to seek help. This will limit the damage. The longer you wait to witness the situation, the harder it will be to get rid of it. And of course the damage to home facilities will be worse.

The Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Company

Contacting a pest control company when a problem is suspected is a wise course of action. Remember that a pest control company has a professional staff equipped with tools, protection devices and regularly updated training to manage correct decontamination and hygiene. Their job includes protecting their clients’ property while carrying out their pest control duties. They are also insured and bound, so any damage to them or property is covered by them. Additionally, after carrying out a thorough inspection, they can prevent further pest raids by placing appropriate natural or man-made barriers and repellents in the right places and recommending necessary adjustments to avoid a similar situation in the future.